Prisoner Files $1 Trillion Lawsuit Over Belly Ache

Nature 12A convict in an Arizona prison won’t quit his belly aching unless he’s paid $1 trillion – literally.

Dale Frank Maisano, 61, an inmate at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson, is suing the company that runs the prison’s commissary for $1 trillion, claiming the food gave him cramps and caused him to lose sleep.

Read Maisano’s $1 Trillion Lawsuit

In a hand-written one-page complaint, Maisano claims he was fed a “non-medical diet” that resulted in “cramps which caused the plaintiff to lose sleep.”

This is far from the first outrageous lawsuit filed by Maisano, who is six years into a 15-year sentence for aggravated assault.

In a related suit, he is suing for $10 trillion in damages for developing an eating disorder as a result of getting meals late two days in a row.

Since 1991 he has filed 380 suits, many of which were civil-rights-violations or prison-conditions complaints.  All of the earlier cases have been dismissed.

In June alone, he filed 47 lawsuits, many of which have already been dismissed.

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