Neues zu Compliance aus den USA

Für einen Jeden wichtig und lesenswert, der sich mit Corporate Compliance im Unternehmen befasst: In a recent article published in the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Magazine (SCCE) (Vol. 7 / No. 3), Russ Berland discussed the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance. One of the factors listed speaks directly to this real and alive component of a compliance program, which states the following:

Companies should consider, inter alia, the following good practices for ensuring effective internal controls, ethics, and compliance programmes or measures for the purpose of preventing and detecting foreign bribery:

*          *          *

11. effective measures for:

i) providing guidance and advice to directors, officers, employees, and, where appropriate, business partners, on complying with the company’s ethics and compliance programme or measures, including when they need urgent advice on difficult situations in foreign jurisdictions;

ii) internal and where possible confidential reporting by, and protection of, directors, officers, employees, and, where appropriate, business partners, not willing to violate professional standards or ethics under instructions or pressure from hierarchical superiors, as well as for directors, officers, employees, and, where appropriate, business partners, willing to report breaches of the law or professional standards or ethics occurring within the company, in good faith and on reasonable grounds; and

iii) undertaking appropriate action in response to such reports.

Centrica has taken a forward step to make its Compliance Department an integral part of the company’s overall business strategy. Therefore enabling its business units to better assess their compliance risks and thereby move forward conducting business in a compliant manner. The emphasis on real and alive helps make it accessible to all employees and this accessibility will hopefully lead to, not only, doing more and better business for the Company but may also help to prevent any compliance questions or issues from becoming compliance violations.

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