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Rede vonCheryl J. Scarboro, Chief of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit der SEC, im Januar 2010, die tief blicken lässt, was insoweit auf die „Global Companies“ zukommt.  Korruption und ihre Bekämpfung im Rahmen von Good Corporate Compliance wird zunehmend Chefsache. Die SEC im Verbund mit dem DOJ – Department of Justice arbeitet fest an der Umsetzung, sprich verstärkter Aktivität.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was enacted, in large part, due to the groundbreaking investigative work of the SEC in the 1970’s. And the Commission continues to be at the vanguard in its enforcement of this law.

Increased globalization has created the potential for serious exposure to international corruption. Bribery in international business transactions inhibits economic development, diverts scarce resources and distorts competition. It also destroys incentives to compete on quality and price. Although many companies have made significant inroads in their compliance efforts, there is more work to be done.

The Commission has brought landmark cases in recent years involving Siemens and Halliburton and the former CEO of KBR. Civil sanctions are at an all-time high. This is an opportune time for the Commission to dedicate more resources to this vital part of the Enforcement program.

I am honored to have been chosen to lead this Unit and am excited about the opportunity to build upon the work we have already done in this area

A primary mission of this Unit is to devise ways for us to be more proactive in our enforcement of the FCPA. Members of the FCPA Unit will gain in-depth knowledge of industries and regional practices so we can uncover corrupt practices that might otherwise go undetected. We will also conduct more targeted sweeps and sector-wide investigations, alone and with other regulatory counterparts both here and abroad.

In addition, because FCPA cases tend to have similar factual and legal issues, each case sets important precedent and serves as a guide to the corporate world. Consistent and aggressive enforcement by the SEC will set an international standard for non-U.S. regulators and serve as an incentive to non-U.S. regulators to more closely regulate corrupt practices.

Finally, the FCPA Unit will raise the Commission’s profile on the global stage by playing a more active role in international regulatory working groups and building closer relationships with our regulatory counterparts in other countries. Aggressive enforcement of the FCPA is essential in a world of increasing interdependence. Companies and executives that adhere to anti-bribery laws should not be outmaneuvered by those who would gain advantage through bribery and deceit. The Unit will leverage the efforts of the SEC, the Department of Justice and our foreign counterparts to level the playing field worldwide. Together we will send a clear message that wrongdoers will face a strong and united front around the world.

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