Ex-Client Wins $7.3M Emotional Distress Award Against Law Firm

So etwas gäbe es in Deutschland nicht! ABA Journal , Legal New, Posted July 6, 2010:  A former client who claims that his law firm worked against his interests in a battle with his brother for control of the now-shuttered Northern Mattress and Furniture Co. was awarded $7.3 million by a Maine jury on Friday for emotional distress. A pretrial order ( BCD-WB-CV-09-07 ) on cross-motions for summary judgment provided by the Nathan and Henry B. Cleaves Law Library includes additional details about the case.Peter Redman claimed that he was kept from entering the family business‘ headquarters because of a sexual harassment claim that he alleged was orchestrated by his brother so the brother could take control of the business, the Portland Press Herald reports. Bernstein Shur Sawyer & Nelson says it will appeal the Cumberland County jury verdict in favor of Redman. „Our lawyers’ actions did not cause [Redman] to be banned from his company or cause his distress, and, we believe, the evidence does not support the judgment awarded him,“ Bernstein Shur later said in a statement.

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