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ILR: EDITORIAL: Worst 2012 lawsuits argue for 2013 reforms

Washington Examiner: Did you hear the one about the repeat drunken driver in Florida who killed a family in an accident, then sued them for pain and suffering? Or the one about the parents who sued their son’s school after … Weiterlesen

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Most ridiculous lawsuits: Motorcyclist who hit Florida panther sues state over warning system

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Trackers this fall captured and collared an endangered Florida Panther that may be responsible for attacks on livestock. The collar will allow biologists to track the cat’s movements.

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ILR: Florida lawsuit climate among worst in nation

Legal Reform Daily News 09/2012 The Sunshine State’s lawsuit climate isn’t the brightest in the nation. In fact, it’s among the worst in the nation, according to a new national survey released Monday by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal … Weiterlesen

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